Polish immigrants in the UK discuss their experience of migration

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An observational documentary about the hopes and fears of Polish families which immigrated to the United Kingdom in search of the better life.

Poles make up almost half of the population of a small town of Boston in north-east Britain.
The film tells a story of:
19 yrs old Ola, who came to UK to join her boyfriend and his family.
Franek, 56, who has been living the in UK for 10 years and leads a lone life.
36 yrs old Kamila, who has a safe life with an Englishman and their daughter. 

Film is available in two cuts:
Short: 28 minutes
Medium Length: 44 minutes

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co-financed by Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

zrealizowano w ramach stypendium z budżetu Ministerstwa Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego