April 2017
New film poster

January 2017
film is having another, shorter edit - we decide to center it around two families - of Ola's and of Kamila's.
the film is now 29 minutes long.

November 2016
film is the part of DOK Market in Leipzig and East Silver Market in Jihlava

October 2016
poster of the film is designed by Adam Lach - with the three protagonists.

July 2016
Adriana Castellanos and Piotr Malecki work on the film's edit - we have decided to make a story with the three protagonists - Ola, Franek and Kamila.

May 2016
Maciek Krupa composes and plays his wonderful guitar music. Agata Madejczyk contributes with her beautiful singing.

March 2016
And again we are in the UK, shooting for ten days.

February 2016
We receive a grant from Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

October 2015
We shoot at the funeral in Wroclaw

September 2015
We visit UK again, this time for two weeks

July 2015
First shooting days in Boston, UK.